CymaVibes™ brings the sounds of science to life.  


CymaVibes™ brings you an art form where sound and music are made visible using a patented scientific instrument, called the Cymascope.  Historically, a sound has not been invisible, but now you can enjoy any sound with your eyes and ears.  CymaVibes™ bring you visualized captured moments from some of the world’s most beautiful music and from some of the most intriguing sounds of nature, such as the sound of a star, brain rhythms, heart rhythms, music, and even the heartbeat of our planet, the Schumann Cavity Resonance.

Choosing your CymaVibe™

Your favorite sound is now available as a digital print, fine art canvas print, or framed art.  Images can also be used for custom applications for clothing or home goods apparel, jewelry, gifts, and more.

Each CymaVibe™ is available in a variety of styles, color's and sizes to suit your needs, decor, and budget.  Intriguing unique & one-of-a-kind gifts, sure to generate conversations for all who are interested in sound, music and the inherent beauty that mother nature gives us.   Stunning decor for your home or office or that perfect one-of-a-kind gift for someone special! 

The ideal gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, or other special occasions!


Your sound, your way!

Giving Back

As social entrepreneurs, we are committed to nurturing young talent.   Your purchases fund Community Makerspaces with Education programs and activities that matter. 

  • Science and Art Scholarships

  • Ongoing research in the field of Cymatics (the Science of Sound)

  • Citizen Scientist Programs

  • After-School Programs that stimulate interest and jobs skills training in STEAM subjects

Getting Started

Record your voice or any sound that has meaning to you then upload your .WAV, .MP3, or .MP4 file with your order or send via email with your order confirmation number.  


You can record your or own or use the online recorder.  

Now that you've had time to explore it's time to place your order. Please note you will be redirected to our storefront to place your order.  

Questions?   Contact us.  

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