Capturing the sounds of Nature and Music

Science gives us a visual image of sound and vibration which helps us to understand our world and our universe in new ways, through vibrational frequencies transferred into the water using patented scientific instrumentation. Frequencies create beautiful geometric shapes in and on water using special lighting that highlights these geometric structures, and whose reflections are photographed, revealing nature's mysteries.   

When sound vibrations encounter a water membrane they create a visible imprint, a geometric representation of the sound. Cymascope images are not computer-generated.  They are the imprints of sounds on water, much like a fingerprint on glass.  Each image is extraordinary!  


Reveal the Beauty Within

Now you can enjoy the beauty of the world’s most intriguing sounds.  Record your favorite sound or view our wonderful collection of CymaVibes by Cymascope, which are sure to generate some interesting conversations for all who are interested in sound, music and the inherent beauty that mother nature offers!

 What you need to know  

It's simple! When placing your order choose your color and background, record your sound as a .MP3 or .WAV file, and place your order. 


  1. Each custom CymaVibe comes to you as a digital file for stock or custom framing. 

  2. Select your color choice with a color or black background and optional font.

  3. After you have placed your order and you are satisfied with your recording,

       upload or email your recording(s) with your order confirmation number. 

Tips on making your audio file

  1. Choose a quiet environment to make your recording(s).

  2. Make sure recordings are free of all other sounds as that can interfere with the imaging process. For example, if a truck passes your door or your doorbell rings, please start over.

  3. Begin your recording by stating your full name,  the date, and what sound(s) you're recording.  

  4. Center yourself, close your eyes.  Speak slowly and clearly. We recommend recording an "OOO" sound.  Say the sound in a variety of pitches, especially deep/low pitches. You can also try toning "A EEE EYE OH YOU (AEIOU)" to reveal all the extraordinary complex, symmetrical forms of your voice. 

  5. We need only a few seconds of your chosen sound for imaging but feel free to record a sample of up to 90 seconds.

  6. If you're recording more than one sound, please record one sound per file. When you are satisfied with your recording, upload or send via email.



Color options

When you place your CymaVibe™ order in the SHOP you will be able to select from these preset color styles with either a color or black background for the single voice mandala and a separate color scheme for the double voice mandala along with your font choice (optional).  The color styles shown are an indication of the color range you will receive. Your image will have its own visual energy and may respond in a uniquely different way to the color specifications.  


Quantum physics states the world around us exists out of frequencies and vibrations, with a historical basis captured in ancients texts such as: 


  • "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". 

~ Holy Bible 

  • Nada Brahma (Sanskrit): Nada means sound and Brahma is a Hindu name of God. Nada Brahma means that the Sound is God, or 'The Sound of God'.

Ancient Sanskrit text


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