CymaVibes™ distributes images created using a patented scientific instrument that creates a unique piece of art from your recording.  Any sound, even your own voice, allows you to see the visual result of your personal sound – a moment of the beautiful geometry in your voice captured forever in your very own personalized Voice Mandala!

The beautiful geometry in your voice is unique to you because your body consists of a delicate trace of energy, arranged layer-upon-layer, frequency-upon-frequency. Your voice emits these frequencies when you speak, or sing, bathing you and everyone in your vicinity with this sound template that is yours alone.

In addition to making your voice visible, any sound can be visually captured to treasure forever. A recording from a musical instrument,  the purr of a cat, the bark of a dog, a baby giggling, nature sounds, or whatever sound has special meaning to you.

Check out the GALLERY and when you're ready, head over to the SHOP to place your order.  If you're recording your own sound, be sure to upload or email your sound file to us in .MP3, .MP4 or .WAV file along with your order confirmation number.   


For custom applications or licensing, please contact us.


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