With a history rooted in the Chautauqua Education Movement, our programs are built around the Four Pillars of Learning, all alive and well at The Chicago District Campground: Arts, Education, Recreation & Religion (all faiths).  Family-friendly events for all ages through our Lectures, Workshops, Assemblies, Camps, Cultural Performances and more.

The Chicago District Campground represents a rare piece of history that allows us to serve as a bridge to the past, and, the future. A living laboratory and launching pad for a multicultural, spiritually diverse community, committed to a peaceful and civil society that supports open and meaningful interfaith dialogue to cultivate the knowledge and skills for our youth, civic and professional leaders.


We believe in life-long learning and invite you to join us to learn about our history, our culture, and our community, through meaningful programs, and fun and engaging activities and events that support a peaceful, healthy, diverse, clean energy future.  Our programs serve as a reminder that we are here for a purpose and that we all have great potential to build a different kind of society that we can ALL be a part of. 

Join Us! - Learn, Live, Love & Laugh!

Art & Entertainment

Cultural arts and entertainment allow our community to explore our heritage and our world, creatively, collaborating together to experience a new way of thinking.  Get in touch with your creative spirit through workshops on music, art, poetry, and more.

When performers take center stage at the Wesley & Waldorf Tabernacles, the soul is renewed through inspirational activities and events that include Food, Music, Art & Culture.  

Join us to experience the power of cultural arts while visiting The Historic Methodist Campground.

Photo by Stan Kotecki


Recreation and Healthy living are essential to the Chautauqua experience, another key to a healthy & fulfilling lifestyle. For more than 156 years, guests have dedicated time to relaxation and recreational pursuits.  Visit HMC to renew and recharge, for a day, a week or even the summer.  


A healthy & peaceful lifestyle supports an enjoyable life, and there is no shortage of activities at the Historic Methodist Campground.


Shuffleboard, Baseball, Basketball, Fishing, Bags, Bocci Ball, Canoeing, Kayaking, and more.


Spiritual Activism.  HMC is truly a sanctuary, where God & Nature embrace all, where you can renew your spirit among the old growth trees nestled along the banks of the Des Plaines River.   Innovative programming and lectures designed to help you discover your innate divine nature and its invincible potential.  HMC invites speakers of all faiths to deliver engaging sermons and lectures, spring through fall, in addition to vibrant music, youth, and teen activities.  Our impact transforms.

While HMC's Christian focus is prevalent, people of all faiths are welcome.​



Lifelong Learning serves as the basis of the historic Chautauqua experience, one of the keys to living a fulfilling life.  At the beginning of the Chautauqua Movement, lifelong learning served as the anchor of the Chautauqua ideals and remains a strong foundation today.  


Our community programs explore the arts, culture, science, history, and the environment.  Throughout the year local and global experts speak on topics that affect our world today.

Photo by Stan Kotecki

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