HMC begins with a new vision.  Turn our 156-year old historical campground into the heart of our community and be a leader in sustainable community development.  


Meaningful. Relevant. Engaging!


We're a group of caring citizens committed to preserving our history and modeling the future.  


As many people grasp the concept of saving land and natural resources, this historic campground has the land and the ability to show the progression of residential housing from the 1870’s to the present.  


The thinking and feeling behind this interest is that HMC will serve as a source of inspiration to all who care about nature, history, and the future of the Planet.




HMC is uniquely positioned to serve as a business incubator and learning lab for sustainable community development, w e will serve as a bridge between the historic preservation community and the New Energy Economy. One that honors the past, embraces the present, and models the future.


By incorporating sustainable technologies into the community, HMC will serve as an Urban Action Center for Sustainable Community Development and an Urban Outpost for Midwest Permaculture Studies. 


As stewards of 35+ acres, we have a responsibility to preserve the grounds for the future.  This historic campground is a regional gemstone. An underutilized asset that requires a transitional plan that will bring attention and funding to this worthwhile cause, preserving an important part of American history and educate all about the benefits of doing more with less. 

Our Chautauqua will be organized around Sustainability, Food, Music, Art, Culture, Education, Religion, and Recreation with each area woven into the schedule of activities and events throughout the year. 

"Push your dreams; don’t let anything stop you from doing anything great for the world."
~ Olatorera Oniru

Stan Kotecki © Photo credits